Black & White Portraits


I am a HUGE fan of Black and White photography as well as portraits. If you like both as much as I do, then drop me an email and lets get a shoot organised!

New lens, new outlook

I bought myself a little nifty fifty to play with and kinda fell in love with it. I made Chris hunt down sweet locations with me one Saturday morning. I managed to get stung a million times by the nettles that were everywhere but that didn’t stop me from getting the pictures I wanted!



Kerry very kindly let me take some practice shots of her and although we weren’t able to get many i was very happy with what we did get. She’s a beautiful lady which always makes my job easy.


I’ve been bugging a friend of mine for a while now to let me take some pics of him. When he finally agreed I dragged him off to The Haunted House in La Mercy for the shoot. The weather was awesome, the setting was insane and the model, well I think the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂


These are some pics I took of a lovely girl over a year ago. She was the first person I ever photographed and she allowed me to pull her around the dodgy Durban streets to get the shots. She was fantastic and I’m so grateful she was willing to let me fumble my way through these shots.