“A South African living in the Uk. Roller Derby enthusiast. Halloween and Christmas fanatic and (recent) Gin lover. I moved here in 2015 and have slowly been falling in love with it every day. I’ve ended up in a small village in North Yorkshire and can honestly say it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve lived in. I’m mother to two kick ass kids and wife to a crazy funny man. I love my life up Dale and am so excited to get to travel all over this crazy beautiful country. I’m secretly rooting for Autumn to stay all year round and slowly (frighteningly fast actually) filling my closet up with coats and scarves. I have a weakness for sleeping in late and Gin and pink lemonade.”

“When it comes to photography, all I want to do is capture a moment that will make you smile every time you look at it. (Cue those warm and fuzzy feelings) One that perfectly represents who you are. I love shoots where the emotion is more powerful and meaningful than the perfect pose. When those unexpected moments come out better than anything I could have planned. If any of this sounds like your kind of vibe, give me a shout. (We can talk photos while comparing our favorite seasons over a tall G&T). xxx”

Nikki Howard
+44 7415 100643