Low Key Still Life Photography

Black & White Portraits


I am a HUGE fan of Black and White photography as well as portraits. If you like both as much as I do, then drop me an email and lets get a shoot organised!

Chris & Ricky



Before I explain these pics the first thing I HAVE to say is how happy I get when I look at these. Honestly, it just fills my heart up looking at how beautiful these friends of mine are in these photos. So intimate and so so gentle. Love it gents.  Chris and Ricky came over to my house one evening where we shot these (unplanned) intimate photos of them.  I was worried it might end up being a little awkward as I had never shot anything like this before. Luckily for me they were so at ease in front of the camera and it just went perfectly. Moments like this is what I live to photograph. To show beautiful emotion between two beautiful people. Thanks for trusting me to capture that for you. x

Kay & Hunter (Black and White)

Some (old) candid snaps of my two crazy beautifuls.

I remember this day so clearly. Hunter was in his element playing outside and Kaylynn was the patient big sister keeping him entertained. Gah… the heartstrings!

Ruth and Simon got hitched!

My sister in law got married and had the formal, ‘paper signing’ event in the Registry office. I was one of the lucky ones who got invited to witness so I grabbed my camera and took a few pics to remember the day.

The Swanepoel Family

My cousin and Aunt asked me to do a photo shoot with them with Whitney’s beautiful little girl Tazmin. I wish I was back home to take some photos of your latest addition!

Gav and Ashley

These photos were taken a while back of a couple that I absolutely love. They are the kindest, sweetest and most

heartwarming pair of humans I’ve been lucky to get to know.

The Big 9.0

We packed up the family and drove to Wales to celebrate a very special Birthday. Our kids Great Gran was turning 90 years old. Quite an achievement. I took my camera along and took a few snaps. It wasn’t as easy as I thought as my leg was still in a brace healing from a broken ankle. Made bending down pretty much impossible! I hope you had the best day! x

New lens, new outlook

I bought myself a little nifty fifty to play with and kinda fell in love with it. I made Chris hunt down sweet locations with me one Saturday morning. I managed to get stung a million times by the nettles that were everywhere but that didn’t stop me from getting the pictures I wanted!


A walk in the Dales

After moving to Reeth I decided to take a walk and see what the village had to offer. Besides the cold and wet weather it did offer beautiful scenery and tranquil views.